instantes vacios
2000 until today. Water colour, 10,8 cm x 8,8 cm.

This work has accompanied me for many years. I already started it during my
academic studies and up until now still haven't finished it - it may be
possible that it will keep me engaged for the rest of my life.
Our memory collects innumberable information, it records moment after moment,
second after second. Our memories are generated from a series of these impressions,
they form stories that tell our lives. In between these there are moments of
inaneness. These are thus defined that the consciousness is not currently present
of itself. Instantos vacios is an attempt to document ones own life just as it is:
"full" of moments of inaneness (Paul Virilio).
Pictures serve people as some kind of proof that the captured moment actually took
place. The polaroids in my installation do not capture the moment as an illustration
so as to bring it to mind afterwards, but rather construe the trace of of absence.
Memories of inaneness, the unimaginable and never of the present. Each one of them
is part of a puzzle. There is no hierarchy, each part is equally important. Their
framing make them unique and separate them at the same time from all the other
instants. In their coexistence in the installation they do not conform to an entirety,
but refuse even more violently to be told. They rather mark places of interruption
of every possible story and the possibility of a new beginning in each case.
The formal reference to the polaroid photography takes on their instantaneousness
and their very palpable materiality which is contrary to digital photography. It is
not reproducible, because they do not inclose negatives. It is singular like every
one of our lived moments. Both water colour and polaroid photography make time
visible, as they both commit to the disappearance. So this work broaches the issue
of disappearance, loss, memory and oblivion, life and death.